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Using copyleft software for privacy and freedom

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One very easy way to preserve your privacy online is to stick to using free and open source (copyleft licensed) software. This is software that is free (as in freedom) and released with it's source code publicly available, so you can be confident there is nothing hidden in the program that will spy on you or take control of your computer away from you. If you are using proprietary software (e.g. Mac or Windows), you should have less of a privacy expectation than if you were using GNU/Linux or a similar free operating system.

Instances of proprietary software spying on its users

iPhone traitorware

Carrier IQ cell phone spyware

Sony BMG CD copy protection rootkit scandal

Free and open source software information

What free software is

How free software is important to society

How free software is more important now than ever before

A field guide to copyleft perspectives

Revolution OS. An /excellent/ documentary on the free software movement

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