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About Us

Encrypt Everything, also known as OpE^2, was started in 2012 by members of the Pirate Party of Canada as a response to warrantless surveillance Bill C-30, Bill C-11, SOPA, and all similar future legislation. It is intended to bring together information about protecting your data and privacy online, and making easily-understood instructions available to our digital comrades.

By getting in the habit of using good encryption practices, you can ensure that your financial records, web surfing history, conversations with friends, and photos of your loved ones are private, and not endangered by your national government, a foreign government, major corporations like Facebook or Google, or even malicious hackers.

Your private information is incredibly powerful, and potentially dangerous; medical records, chat conversations, financial accounts, romantic history, they’re all incredibly damaging in the wrong hands. Often people will take baby steps towards computer security, they start down the road by enabling a log-in screen for their account, later they learn how to set folders to “hidden”, or use “private sessions” on web browsers. These habits are the equivalent of storing your handgun in the fridge behind the lettuce…technically slightly better than leaving it out in plain sight, but still far from secure.

When we want something to be secure, we tend to lock it up – and that’s what encryption is, a lock and key for your private life, ensuring that your recent credit card purchases, vacation photos, web browsing history or chat conversations aren’t going to be on the front page of tomorrow’s newspapers…or the topic of family conversation at Thanksgiving. It’s not enough to decide that you’ll try and protect this photograph, or that e-Mail, if you want true security and privacy, you must…ENCRYPT EVERYTHING!

As the past decade has taught Canadians and Americans, it isn’t about Left versus Right; it’s about them versus you. Governments and corporations are going to continue trying to harvest information about your private life, believing they can control and market you better if they know the details of every kiss you’ve ever shared, every book you’ve read, every letter you’ve written, every dirty thought you’ve indulged and every film you’ve watched. They are working tirelessly to try and ensure that they will be able to watch you, monitor you, record you, every moment of your life – and that’s not just a violation of your rights – it’s downright unpatriotic.