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The Esports Tournament Platform you Haven’t heard about! Yet..

The Esports Tournament Platform you Haven’t heard about! Yet..

As Most of our readers know we are technology-focused and with that comes video games, the recent COVID lockdown has definitely blown up the video game industry over the past couple months and some new company are on the rise that aim to provide some much needed services for that of the more serious gamer. We came across a startup based out of Toronto Ontario by the name of Bitspawn, Bitspawn is considered as the Esports Advancement Platform since it focuses on protecting and professionalizing esports for amateurs and pros alike. Bitspawn’s goal is to offer small organizers and growing talent a platform where they can excel, which is also tied to advance esports and create a prosperous future for the entire gaming industry.

What is

Bitspawn Blog – Esports Advancement Platform

Bitspawn is a digital infrastructure solution devoted to advancing the sports environment. The Bitspawn (Esports Advanced Platform) EAP is committed to reinforcing the creation of player resources, enhancing the game industry, and securing the interests of esports players.

Advancing the Esports Ecosystem

Minor leagues and amateur competitions are just as important to the esports community as major stadium tournaments. In conventional sports, individuals are willing to make their path to the top by local infrastructure, which slowly enables them to join larger tournaments. Since esports are so heavily regulated and often held online, those local opportunities to launch your career sometimes lose its appeal. Bitspawn relieves a lot of that strain.

Promoting Player Development

Visibility is a central element in the discovery of young talent. When you put in the major scores, you want viewers to see it right off the bat. Bitspawn provides the opportunity for players to show their competitive performance to potential brands, sponsors as well as advertisers. Bitspawn helps players by removing roadblocks towards becoming a successful esports athlete.

Strengthening the Gaming Industry

Bitspawn’s self-made tournaments are a creative way for smaller organizers to make money. With tournament-setup, servers, and administration handled well; organizers will have more time to setting up their broadcasts and supplying their audiences with a high-quality experience.

How Does Works?

Step 1: Process Registration

Register with your email address and sync your game accounts on the app.

Step 2: Deposit Money on Bitspawn

Purchase Spawn Credits (SPWN) with Credit Card or other payment methods, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Step 3: Participate in a Tournament

Pay the entrance fee for a tournament that has already been organized, or you can also create your own tournament if you prefer it that way.

Step 4: Launch Your Game

Wait for Bitspawn’s automation tools to invite you to your tournament lobby.

If you want to start taking charge of your esports career, either as a player or as an organizer, then there are endless possibilities waiting for you, and Bitspawn is only one of the many Esports Advancement Platforms that can help you on your journey towards becoming a professional esports athlete.



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